Thursday, 15 September 2011

everything happen for a reason

"Sometimes things happen to you that may seem horrible, painful, unfair at first"

Thursday, Sept 15, 2011

Making some other people laugh and smile is easy. But, how about when there cry. Whether easy to make them stop crying ? My answer is NOT ! Nobody said it was easy to handle their life. Sometimes, we need the supporter. 

I call my daddy, i said " I want to go home this weekend" .. My daddy said "with KTM or Bus ?" ... I said "KTM it sound great, because it is not too far from our home, right ? " :)

Every weekend, since I in the 1st year. I have to or I must to go home. I really don't like to live at Tanjung Malim in weekend. No television, no Astro = DEAD :(
No related on the first paragraph with home, right? But for me, yes ! I had the bad week of this week. 

1st is My MINOR
2nd is My MINOR
3rd is My MINOR

Why this University want me to take the MINOR ? It's sound easy but not for me. actually I have been accepted in Minor Sport Science. Talk about the Sport Science, I remember about the fitness test that I  through it. I have to through all the test. Starting with ran, jump, pumping and all the sport thing. I get a fever about 1 week after the fitness test. Oh My God ! The fitness test is very "testing" me .. :)

Just now, I really want to go home and take a advice from my daddy about my MINOR. My daddy really want me to join the Sport Science. He want me to learn about Science. At least, I got the basic. Because he's daughter only know the Mechanical and Machine. :)

"everything happen for a reason"

I hope Allah will keep my mercy, Insh Allah. END
my precious 'ayah'


  1. hi my sister ! Sorry. I steal your words. :)
    Add my blog please and teach how to add the MP3.

    Count on you sister !Muah