Wednesday, 14 September 2011

My first time : The Blog

 السلام عليكم
"Dear English, you killing me softly since in the primary school, now you came back in EC II .. welcome English Communication II ..."

Since this is the first week i returning to UPSI ...
So, im suprise that i have to go to the most of the class ALONE !
You know why, because this semester the MINOR is begin.
All the best to my best friend forever (BFF), we are not in the same class anymore :(

This is the first class in my time table starting on 8 o'clock. I'm hear that, the junior at the college is about two thousand student. Can you imagine the bus were looks like? Trust me, it can make me faint in that bus. The first class is Automation Technology with Dr. Amri. Wait for him about 15 minute, lastly the class representative told that Dr. Amri MC. Safe ! I can take my breakfast. :)

3:00 pm ~ 5:00 pm
FIK 3042 English Communication II
Grp : H

Who is the Miss Fairus ? Yesterday, i find her photos. So that i can recognize her face… :)
Scare ! Every time I attending the english class. My heart beat is like ‘dup, dap, dup dap’ ..
She want her all student in this groups, make the blogger. For me it quite difficult because I never, never, never create the blog. She want each of us to create the blog and add her on the Facebook. The journey is begin … and to all my friend on the Facebook, support me to improve my English, ok ? That all for to day ! 
السلام عليكم

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